We encourage you to contact us about items of interest in Alpine Meadows. You can reach us through the resident directory you receive each year or via e-mail to boardmembers@alpinemeadowsestatesassociation.org.

  • Felicia Cole (President/Membership) 2017-2020 (2nd Term)

  • David Lane (Vice President) 2017-2020 (1st Term)

  • David Anhalt (Treasurer) 2019-2022 (1st Term)

  • Andrew Pitcairn (Secretary) 2019-2022 (2nd Term)

  • Joe Thorn (Recreation) 2017-2020 (2nd Term)

  • John Moise 2017-2020 (1st Term)

  • Ursula Hirsbrunner 2018-2021 (1st Term)