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  • The AMEA membership directory is how Bear Creek Planning Committee (BCPC) knows who to contact about projects on neighboring properties.  

  • The AMEA membership directory is how your neighbors know who to contact if there is an issue at your home (e.g., bear break-in, water leak, snow accumulation, or your renters are throwing a raging party).

  • AMEA, together with the Bear Creek and Juniper Mountain homeowners associations, BCPC, and Placer County, coordinate on issues of interest in the Valley (e.g., concerns regarding the Gazex exploders that have been installed above Alpine Meadows Road).

  • AMEA tracks and keeps members informed about other issues or projects in the area (e.g., Squaw to Alpine gondola, Alpine Sierra development).

  • Only $35 a year!

Your AMEA membership also means you’ll be kept informed of, and entitled to attend, AMEA community events like the summer picnic, the après ski party, cleanup day, and Alpine Meadows FireSafe Council defensible space cleanup day. AMEA also posts important information on the AMEA website. 

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