Alpine Sierra Subdivision

The Alpine Sierra Subdivision was approved by the Placer County Board of Supervisors on April 25, 2019. If you have any further questions about the project, contact Alex Fisch of Placer County Community Development at / phone: 530-745-3081/ fax: 530-745-3080.

The Alpine Sierra project is a proposed housing development on approximately 45.5 acres between the Alpine Meadows Road, the Alpine Meadows parking area/Chalet Road, and the Bear Creek Association (BCA) neighborhood. The proposal is for 37 single-family homes, in two general areas of the property, with access from Alpine Meadows Road. The project would require an amendment to the Alpine Meadows General Plan and rezoning of portions of the property by Placer County. The subdivision is not under the jurisdiction of the Bear Creek Planning Committee and the proponent has developed their own development standards.

Placer County has worked closely with the applicants to revise the plan (37 units compared to the 48 units originally proposed and more restrictive building envelopes on a number of lots and roadways due to slopes). North Tahoe Fire Protection District (NTFPD) has outlined numerous mitigation measures that would be required for safe fire protection capabilities in both the specific subdivision and the entire valley.  The applicant would likely be required to fund a new pumper truck, add significant defensible space through a fuel modification plan approved by both NTFPD and Cal Fire, and use building standards per current California State fire codes as well as Alpine Springs Community Water District fire codes.