White Wolf Subdivision

The applicant proposes to create a 38-lot subdivision on a 44-acre property situated one-half mile north of the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in the Alpine Meadows area. The proposed project includes 38 single-family residential units (parcels .5 to 1.5 acres in size), a clubhouse/lodge, a chairlift, and seasonal recreational facilities including tennis courts and equestrian facilities.

In December 15, 2015, the County held a Pre-Development meeting with the project applicant to discuss the proposal and processing requirements. At the meeting, both the staff and applicant agreed that the project would require the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report. The applicant has made their EIR consultant selection and is in the process of preparing a formal application submittal. The proposal will require an amendment to the Alpine Meadows General Plan, a Rezone, Major Subdivision, and Conditional Use Permit. Please contact Mr. Alex Fisch, Senior Planner, Placer County, at (530) 745-745-3081 or afisch@placer.ca.gov for additional information.